Sociology 575 Internship Information

Internship in sociology is to allow student course credits for learning that occurs in field placement at a supervised work and study with private or public organizations.

General requirements include completion of 120 hours of internship during the 10 weeks of the quarter. In addition, you are expected to write an 8-10 page journal that focuses on your field experiences. Also, you are expected to complete another written assignment, either a book review (subject matter is related to what you are doing at your internship) or a research design project (see syllabus for additional details). Full course requirements will be provided in the syllabus provided to you when you are enrolled into the course.

To gain permission to enroll into Sociology 575: Internship please complete and turn in the Internship Enrollment Request Form to the Sociology Department office (SB-327) prior to the beginning of the quarter.

If you require any further information regarding Sociology Internship please contact :

  • The Sociology Department
  • SB-327
  • (909) 537-5541

Faculty Supervisors

Please see any of the four faculty supervisors below to discuss your options and to get started.


Internship credit cannot be given for community work that was previously completed (either paid or unpaid). Internship experience differs from employment in that it involves additional relevant reading and writing simultaneously with doing work in the community. Even for students who already have had extensive volunteer work and/or paid employment experience in the community, additional internship experience and earning additional credit for it can enhance their job and graduate school applications.

Note 2:

Most students enrolled in an internship in Sociology do not get paid. Opportunities to complete a paid internship are possible if the work at an internship site is being done for the purpose of internship rather than paid employment. Students may not use their current jobs for their internship placement.