Sociology Club

The Sociology Club at CSUSB offers the opportunity to enrich your experience as a Sociology student. As a member of the Sociology Club, you have the chance to be active within the community by volunteering for events both on and off campus. The Sociology Club organizes informational meetings to teach all students about possible career paths, graduate school and volunteer opportunities. The strong collaboration with faculty and staff allows for a more productive and effective relationship that strengthens each member’s experience. As a member of the Sociology Club, each student has an opportunity to become more active and enhance their experience at CSUSB.

For more information, contact the Sociology Club by writing to: Dr. Marcia Marx or Dr. Mary Texeira

Officers Contact Information

Alejandra Santana (President)

Dulce Pliego, Vice-President

Kayli Brunelle- Treasurer

Jose Ruiz-Jimenez - Secretary

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